Spin Class

Indoor cycling might be very intimidating but at the end of the day, it’s such a rewarding experience. Most of the spin classes that The HUB Savannah provides can last around to 30 minutes and the intensity level will vary throughout every spin class.

While you’re in The HUB Savannah, you’ll learn different body positions, resistance and pedal speed. Even though it’s indoor, with our instructor’s guidance you’ll feel as if you were cycling on a beautiful hill while doing intense upper-body workouts while listening to exhilarating music.

After finishing your intense workout you can always refresh yourself at our eclectic juice bar. You’ll not only find refreshing water and drinks but also healthy vegan food. From spinning classes to hot yoga class, The HUB Savannah has diverse fitness options so you can reach your health goal in no time. Saddle up; wear some comfortable athletic kicks and moisture-wicking clothes and sign up for our indoor cycling classes!