Hot Yoga in Savannah, GA

The HUB Savannah provides excellent hot yoga classes in Savannah, GA. This type of yoga is performed under humid and hot conditions in order to increase your flexibility in the various poses. Since this class is situated in these conditions, expect to sweat profusely.

While you take hot yoga, you’ll learn 26 new poses in order to stretch your body and become aware of your own breathing. The beauty of hot yoga is that four type of yoga derive from it. Hatha and power yoga. Hatha is at a much slower pace and with a less flow between poses but it will allow you to focus and relax. While in forrest yoga you’ll focus on holding your poses for a longer period of time and only repeat 20 poses in order to stretch your body equally on each side. With power yoga, you’ll build your internal heat; increase your flexibility and stamina.

The HUB Savannah also offers intense pilates and fun spin class. Once you are done with your exciting indoor cycling class, you can always enjoy delicious vegan food from our eclectic juice bar! If you’re interested in being part of our yoga classes, don’t think twice and visit The HUB Savannah in GA, Savannah!

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